Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jay Cutler's Brain: "I'm Glad I'm Not Deaf Because There Wouldn't Be Any Warnings for My Farts"

The Chicago Bears Weren't Booing One of Their Own Injured Players… No, Wait… They Were

There Are Now More Holes in the Turf at Soldier Field Than in Blackburn, Lancashire; And Though the Holes Were Rather Small They Had to Count Them All

An Annoyed Lovie Smith Sends Concussed Jay Cutler Home After Telling the Coach, Before Each Play, That There Are 44-Players On the Field

There Have Been So Many Turnovers During Texans-Bears Game That the NFL is Considering Turning Soldier Field Into a Bakery

Chicago Bears Playing Oprah Football With Texans: "You Get a Ball, and YOU Get a Ball!"

Chicago Bears Should Have Bought the San Diego Chargers' Unused Stock of Stick-'Em

NFL Game of the Week: 7-1 Chicago Bears (Only Loss to Packers) vs 7-1 Houston Texans (Only Loss to Packers) Tonight on NBC!

Lions Coach Jim Schwartz Explains Loss to Vikings: "The Madden Curse is Real… Don't Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise"

Mark Sanchez's Passes Have a Better Tip Percentage Than His Dinner Tabs

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: Jets' Coach Rex Ryan Can't Choose While Seahawks' Coach Pete Carroll Chews… and Chews and Chews

NFL Fans Think Jets' Bi-Quarterback Status is Kinda Sexy

Mark Sanchez Confused with Concept of Having a Birthday by Giving Away Gifts

Jets' Head Coach Rex Ryan Wishes He Had a Third QB to Rotate In Games

Adrian Peterson Scores Against Lions' Defense with 61-Yard TD Run Proving Knee Ligaments Are Overrated

Madden Cursed Detroit Lions' Defense Knows Any Further Resistance Against Minnesota Vikings is Futile