Monday, October 15, 2012

Broncos Head Coach Norv Turner Currently Inquiring About "Mercy Rule"

Because of Phillip Rivers' Incessant Bitching, Even Replacement Refs Refused to Work Tonight's San Diego Game

Finally Peyton Manning Finds a Play That Works After Calling Special Audible: "Check, Check, 287, Orange Barrel, Reroute!"

Inspired by Papa John, Peyton Manning is Currently Conducting a Football Giveaway in San Diego

Most Denver Broncos Fans in Favor of Retiring Peyton Manning's Jersey… Like, Right Now

MNF Halftime Show Features an Interview With the 7-Year Old Girl Who Taught Phillip Rivers How to Throw a Football

MNF Halftime Interview to Feature Phillip Rivers Reminiscing of His Days Playing Alongside A.C. Slater at Bayside High

Peyton Manning Faults Papa John For His Now Visible Beer Gut

SURVEY: One Day After Green Bay's Lopsided Victory Over Texans Sunday, Packers' Fans 110% Happier, 98% Sexier & 1.3% More Productive at Work

Dallas Cowboys to Spend This Week Practicing How to Signal a Time-Out

Answer: Deep in the Heart of Texas; Question: Where Did the Packers Leave That Green & Gold Dagger?

Jay Cutler's Brain: "I Have the Sex Appeal of a Dictionary"

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Following 42-24 Upset Over Houston, Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers Tells Critics "Shhhh"; Texans' QB Matt Schaub Mumbles "Shhhhit"

McCarthy: "Carry On My Heyward Son!"

Danieal Manning: "Houston, I Have a Problem"

Packers Take Extra Caution After Discovering Some Houston Texans are Lepers

Packers: "If You Can't Have a B.J., a C.J. Will Do"

People in Corona Commercials Appear More Stoned Than Drunk

NFL Takes Sack Away From Texans' J.J. Watt; Lance Armstrong: "I Know the Feeling"

Packers' Fans: "4-2 Seahawks Have OUR Record"

With Today's Win Over Vikings, Washington Redskins Improve Their Record to III-III

Nicotine Patch on RGIII's Chin Apparently Working, Hasn't Lit Up Since Opening Kick-Off

Thanks to Detroit, Phrase "Feed Them to the Lions" Doesn't Seem as Threatening Anymore

Over 8-Million Watched Felix Baumgartner's Stratus Jump on Internet, 8-Million More Than Are Currently Watching Bengals-Browns Game

Jets Lead Colts 21-6 in 3rd; Refs Call TO to Verify It's Mark Sanchez in Green #6 Jersey

No One Has Yet Told WR the NFL Does Not Award Extra Points for Slam Dunking Football Over Goalpost After Scoring TD's