Friday, November 25, 2011


(November 25, 2011) --- For Green Bay fans, it's been one hell of a season so far! As of NFL week #12, the Packers are undefeated at 11-0, in the midst of a 17-game winning streak and on track to borrow a few more of those special numerals from Roman.

Roman McLivx of Poniatowski, Wisconsin has been the exclusive supplier of his special brand of numerals to the NFL for the Super Bowls since he invented them in 1967.  Here's a nice photo of Roman displaying the number "50" over the forehead of a Vikings fan.
Green Bay fans have always been very supportive of their team.  But with a sluggish economy in addition to $4 gas and $8 stadium beers, the PackerPage brings you another edition of Mona's "Packer Backer Crafty Corner" to assist you in helping stretch your dollar-bill to the max so you'll still have enough money left in your wallet or purse to wager a few big bucks on the next Green Bay game.

Mona's "Packer Backer Crafty Corner"

Hi!  PackerPage Fashion Editor Mona Morgan here!

With the economy on a slow recovery, many Packer fans have been having to make some tough decisions on how to balance their monthly budgets while at the same time continuing to support their NFL Champs, the Green Bay Packers.  I've been getting a lot of e-mails asking what should be considered day-to-day essentials.  Well, for instance, instead of paying my rent, I feel that my hard-earned money would be better invested on two lower-bowl seats for a game at Lambeau Field.  But that one's a no-brainer.

Today I'm going to help you with a few money-saving tips in the areas of food and fashion.

Looking for different ways to support your Green Bay Packers without spending a whole lot of cash? Well, if you’re too cheap to dish out all those bucks for overpriced NFL-approved Green Bay Packers mechandise, don’t you worry! I have a few special tips for all of you thrifty Green Bay Packer Backers out there!


With just paper, a pen, a pair of scissors and some Scotch-tape, you can keep track of how many games Green Bay has won in-a-row! Simply write all the numbers between 17 and 25 on different pieces of small paper circles. Then, each time the Packers add-on another "W" to their consecutive win-loss record, slap a brand new number on your chest! By-the-way, you can similarly keep track of how many Super Bowls the Vikings have won by permanently tattooing the number “zero” to your ass.


Want to buy a new Packers hat, but would rather use the money for beer instead? Well, now you can have both! You can back-your-Pack in an indirect way by constructing a nice hat made out of a 12-pack of Miller Lite beer. First step: drink all twelve cans of beer. Second step: flatten and then fashion the cardboard beer container into a stylish Miller Lite hat! Third step: put the hat on your head. Fourth step: buy more beer.


Next time you’re looking through your fridge for a snack, do some Packers accessory shopping at the same time! Since Wisconsinites are known for wearing cheddar on their head, how about a few sausage-links as Packer bling? Carefully string several Johnsonvilles and cheese wedges together into a tasty pro-Packer necklace! You’ll be styling at Lambeau while at the same time acquiring a bit more love from your hungry Packer pals. And, just like those Chia-Pets, in a few weeks your neckline cuisine will eventually turn a fuzzy green! The “Bears Can Bite My Wienie” bumper sticker is optional.


With Chicago’s season about to sink quicker than a brick tied to a bowling ball, it soon shouldn’t be too difficult to find an old Bears t-shirt marked-down to next to nothing. (After you get over the embarrassment of being seen buying one), carefully delouse and then launder the garment repeatedly. Next, grab a can of spraypaint and artfully add a “circle-with-a-slash” through the Bears’ logo and you’re good to go-go!  Nothing says “I hate Chicago” more than a defaced Bears t-shirt you paid for with just a dime.

In next month's "Packer Backer Crafty Corner," Mona will present ten fun Christmas gag-gifts you can spring on your Chicago Bears neighbors... one of which involves a bathroom plunger, a roll of Saran Wrap and 17 cans of shaving cream!