Thursday, September 1, 2011


(September 1, 2011) --- Singer Katy Perry may have picked up a “Best Music Video” trophy for her hit single “Firework” at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards last Sunday... but performers, critics and especially fans were more impressed with her fashion-sense that night.

Perry made three wardrobe changes during the televised VMA’s ceremony, but the California Gurl really turned-it-out when she appeared on-stage in a head-to-toe Christian Dior number which was topped-off with a hat in the shape of a yellow cube-of-cheese.

Katy Perry accepted her Video Music Award last weekend while topped-off with a Wisconsin-styled cube-of-cheese.  A brief but similar fashion trend occured after last year's VMA's when Lady Gaga paid tribute to the origins of the Acme Packers with an appearance in a meat dress.  The dress was later placed on display in the frozen foods section of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at around the same time the Wisconsin DNR presented Lady Gaga with an honorary lifetime hunting and fishing license.
“Sure, I could have gone with the traditional yellow wedged cheesehat you see at Green Bay Packers games,” said Perry, “but I wanted to take wearing milk-based food products to a whole new level.”

Not only did Perry cause a stir in Los Angeles last week, but she inadvertently started a fashion trend that spread faster than warm Le Chatelain Camembert on a toasted slice of garlic bruschetta.

Even Detroit automakers are getting in on the trend after they discovered you can double your gas mileage simply by adding an aerodynamically designed cheese-wedge to the top of your car.
A-List celebs are now trying to out-do each other with cheesewear. For instance...
  • Last Monday, TMZ spotted Beyoncé Knowles leaving a swank LA nightclub showing off her boobylicious cheese bustier.
  • Halle Berry was seen hailing a cab while sheltering herself from the rain under her one-of-a-kind mozzarumbrella.
  • On stage in Nashville this week, country singer Kenny Chesney entertained his fans while sporting a custom-made 10-gallon munster-sized cowboy hat.
  • And, as Paris Hilton was exiting her limo in a sundress made entirely of cheesecloth, Hollywood paparazzi learned she was also wearing a pair of matching Swiss-cheese styled panties. Holey oops!
Thanks to Katy, America’s cheese craze has also transcended fashion.

Sadly, a few have taken this cheese obsession a bit too far.  In his just released memoir "In My Time," former Vice President Dick Cheney recently admitted he has given up on his fascination with water-boarding Iranians and now favors deep-frying Kurds. So, so wrong.
For instance, actor Hugh Jackman legally changed his first name to Colby... Charlie Sheen dumped his catch-phrase of “Winning!” in favor of “It’s all Gouda!...” and film producer Francis Ford Coppola announced he will be bringing his version of Hamlet to the big screen under the title “To Brie or Not to Brie.”

In other news, tight end Jeremy Shockley saved a teammate from choking in training camp this summer.  Immediately after hearing of the incident, the Minnesota Vikings inquired about his trade availability.

In the immortal words of St. Vince... "Cheeses saves!"