Monday, September 5, 2011


(September 5, 2011) --- Which play in Super Bowl XLV was “the most incredible” according to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers? What was the motivational tactic head coach Mike McCarthy used prior to the start of the 2010 season that proved to be successful? What does Aaron Rodgers really think about Brett Favre?  How exactly do you pronounce "XLV?"

Well, if you have the NFL Network, you'll want to set that video-recorder contraption of yours to capture forever the broadcast debut of "America's Game: 2010 Green Bay Packers" this Wednesday. If you don't have the NFL Network, please note that you have less than two-days to somehow find a way to tap into your neighbor's cable television box.

Fire-up that DVR thingy!  The NFL Films documentary "America's Game: 2010 Green Bay Packers" debuts this Wednesday, September 7th.  You'll also note on the NFL Network's schedule pictured above (click on the image to make a bit larger), there will also be another Packers Super Bowl XLV special earlier that same day!  Now that's what we call quality television programming!
The hour-long retrospective will feature a look back at the Packers road to the Super Bowl as remembered through the eyes of coach Mike McCarthy, quarterback Aaron Rodgers and cornerback Charles Woodson.  And ladies... there will no doubt be some of that sexy super slow-motion footage of Clay Matthews' hair in action too!  Ooh-lah-lah!

Sorry... we can't disclose exactly what you'll see in the NFL Films production of "America's Game: 2010 Green Bay Packers..." but, we can tell what you won't see!  You won't see a smiling Jay Cutler, Troy Polamalu shaking hands with President Obama, scenes from Super Bowl XX, or Brett Favres' penis.  Count on it.