Thursday, April 7, 2011


(April 7, 2011) --- NFL owners and players are about to head to court for a battle to decide who is greedier. With the lockout now at three weeks and no end in sight, attorneys for the NFL and its locked-out players will go before Judge Judy today (check local listings) -- and until it’s resolved several very important issues will remain up-in-the-air... like the future of the $9 billion business, the 2011 season, and which team gets stuck with Randy Moss.

Here's a nice picture of a few NFL Owners gathering for one of their weekly team meetings to decide on several very important issues, like whether or not to invest any more of their money in another round of Miller Lite.  "Here's mud in your 'ayes'!"
The players are asking for an immediate end to the lockout on the basis of "irreparable harm" to their careers and owners say that if their stadiums are empty this year they may have to endure a major loss of income. Apparently, it’s already becoming rather dire. To prepare for possible unemployment, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has already begun rationing his bimbos. And Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones claims that if there isn’t a 2011 season he may be forced to share a limo with his wife.