Tuesday, April 19, 2011


(April 19, 2011) --- The NFL released their schedule today so football fans from New England to San Diego and Seattle to Miami will have the opportunity to see where and when their favorite team won’t be playing this year.

While the Green Bay Packers are still in the process of finalizing some of their game-day promotions for Lambeau Field this year, the Chicago Bears have already announced that they will kick-off the season at home with "Guarenteed Loss Sunday" followed by the Soldier Field fan-favorite "Complimentary Projectile Night."   

With the NFL lockout going into its sixth week, the league thought it would be a good time to take the focus off of the owner’s battle for everyone’s money and instead put it on a sop schedule... even if the hypnotizing influence on football-starved fans will last but only a few days. Psychologists say the effect is similar to the “What If” syndrome lottery ticket-holders experience when they first stare at that little piece of paper they just bought from the 7-11 hoping for the big-bucks while knowing deep-down they’ll still have to show up for work the next week.

But despite the league’s current labor dispute, it is a noteworthy schedule, especially for Green Bay Packers fans.

Not only will the Packers be playing in the league’s first game of the season (Thursday, September 8, 2011 versus the New Orleans Saints)... but they will also be playing in the league’s last game of the season (Sunday, February 5th, 2012 in Super Bowl XLVI).

And according to league historians, this will be the very first time one NFL team will play on all seven major U.S. holidays. This season Green Bay is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day (at Detroit), Christmas Day (Chicago), New Year’s Day (Detroit), End of Daylight Saving Time (at San Diego), Give A Homeless Person a Hug Day (Minnesota), National One-Hit-Wonder Day (at Chicago), and Ear Appreciation Day (Tampa).

Here's a nice picture taken precisley at the Crack of Dawn.  Question: If there isn't a 2011 NFL season, will you put all your support with the girls of your new Green Bay Chill of the Lingerie Football League?  (Incidentally, Dawn didn't get the first down as she was a little behind.)

Although the Minnesota Viking are scheduled to play with the Redskins, Raiders, Panthers, Cardinals, Broncos and Chiefs in 2011... Brett Favre has hinted that this will finally be the year he officially plays with himself.