Monday, December 27, 2010


(December 27, 2010) --- Because someone mistakenly thought it was a baseball game, the NFL moved the Vikings-Eagles Sunday Night Football contest to this Tuesday evening because it started to snow in Philadelphia.

Like the Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns fans are also big into recycling their plastic and glass.
While many Philadelphians thought that postponing yesterday's match-up would give the edge to their running game, the Minnesota Vikings say they would have rather played at Lincoln Financial Field during the blizzard simply because snowballs are softer than batteries and beer bottles.

Some sports enthusiasts say this is just another example of the NFL getting wimpy. “The NFL is becoming sissified,” says longtime football fan Dave Fowler. “Nowadays players can’t do manly things like a dancing in the end-zone, they can’t send a tweet from the sidelines, and now they can’t even go out and play in snow! The league has turned them all into a bunch of pansies!”

Here's a nice picture from that other 1967 "Ice Bowl" on the day Doyd Bowler went for that gutsy game-ending 7-10 split.
There was a time when football was played no matter what the weather conditions were outside.  (ie: "The Ice Bowl" of 1967, "The Fog Bowl" of 1988, "The Dust Bowl" of 1936.)  The weather in Pennsylvania last Sunday was nothing compared to the conditions experienced during the 1948 NFL Championship game when the Chicago Cardinals lost 7-0 to the Philadelphia Eagles in a late December blinding snowstorm where it was so cold that instead of “the finger,” Philly fans were reduced to rudely giving visiting fans “the mitt.”

In fact, it snowed so much at Shibe Field back then that ticket-holders were unable to leave the stadium for weeks... and after concessionaires ran out of cheese steak sandwiches and Iron City brew, Eagles fans resorted to eating the Cardinals’ team roster... a game now known to football historians as “The Canni Bowl.”

Here's a nice vintage photograph of the Chicago Cardinals heading toward the locker-room to warm-up at halftime during the snowy 1948 NFL Championship game at Philadelphia's Shibe Field.
League commissioner Roger Goodell announced that yesterday’s postponed Vikings-Eagles game in Philadelphia has been rescheduled to start at 8pm (ET) this Tuesday making it the third consecutive week Brett Favre’s bad karma has screwed-up scheduling in the NFL.

In related news, the NFL has moved this Sunday’s Bears-Packers game at Lambeau Field from a noon (CT) kick-off to a 3pm start to give all the Wisconsin Badgers fans a few extra hours to recover from their Rose Bowl hangovers.