Sunday, October 31, 2010


(October 31, 2010) --- Happy Halloween from the PackerPage!

Have you put any thought into what you might wear later tonight to that costume party? Well, the key factor is to be topical but not overdone... and be original. You don’t want to be one of the many Christine O'Donnell witches or dusty Chilean coal miners staggering around tonight, do you? Besides, you’re a football fan, so why not outfit yourself with something that lets everyone know who you love... or who you love to hate. As usual, dressing up as Curly Lamboo and Vince Lambatty will always be a hit in Wisconsin. But if you’re looking to be something a little bit different for this year’s Monster Mash, here’s the latest PackerPage list of what we feel will be the “Top-5” Most Popular Packer Halloween Costumes of 2010.

A Detroit Lions Fan

Nothing says “Loser” more than the Detroit Lions. Since Halloween of 2007, the team has played 47 games of which they’ve won just five. If you’re a Packers fan, this could be your tribute to the team that hands you those two easy wins each season. And it’s a great costume for those last minute Trick or Treaters. All you need is a Detroit Lions jersey, a magic marker and a paper bag from your local grocery store. But remember, if you’re a Chicago Bears fan, simply substitute paper with plastic.

Jay Cutler

Apparently catching a pass from Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler isn’t very hard to do. In 59 games, Cutler has thrown 70 interceptions. 70! And so far this year Jay has been sacked a total of 27 times, (nine of those during the first half of their game against the Giants). Because Cutler gives away footballs like we hand out candy on Halloween, what better costume to wear on October 31st than a burlap sack with a navy-blue #6 displayed on the front... while handing out complimentary miniature footballs, of course!  And be sure to do it while sitting on the ground.

The Packers PUP Roster

You know most Packer fans are going to dress-up as Aaron Rodgers this Halloween... and why not? The guy’s a stud. But why not be a bit different and take the more difficult path and represent Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley, Nick Barnett, Al Harris, Atari Bigby and a dozen other hurt Green Bay players all at the same time? Simply wrap yourself in a full body-cast to symbolize the blown knees, concussions, sprained ankles, turf toes, fractured arms, broken legs and whatever other injuries have ravaged the Packers’ roster this season. Either that, or dress up as a giant Super Bowl XLV trophy with green and gold crutches!

A Chicago Bears Fan

Not everyone goes as Angels or Mother Theresa’s on All Hallow’s Eve. As you well know, most people instead like to represent the evil, bad and creepy side of life and dress up as slutty devils, slutty ghosts, slutty vampires and even slutty Mother Theresa’s. But if you want to be extra evil and incredibly creepy, head to that Halloween party as your average Chicago Bears’ fan. All you need to make the costume complete is a Bears’ jacket, hat and one of those ridiculous, outdated Mike Ditka-styled mustaches. Now that’s big, dumb and really scary... but in a don’t-get-too-close-you-might-catch-something kind of way.

Brett Favre

Within the span of just three-years, this once “most-loved” quarterback has managed to piss-off most of the NFL and turn the average football fan into an amateur urologist. From his annual retirements to sexting body parts, Favre has become a bit of a league nuisance... and probably the best Halloween costume idea of 2010! There are several ways of becoming Brett Favre on October 31st, but we’ll leave you with the easiest. All you need is a #4 jersey, a pair of crocs and a cell-phone camera. To complete the outfit, leave the Wranglers at home. Then, when you get to your costume party, say you're going to quit and leave the party, but then come back a few minutes later. Do this, like, eight times and you’re guaranteed to be the party’s MVPP!  There really is no better way to say, "Happy Halloweenie!"