Friday, October 8, 2010


(October 8, 2010) --- Just days after the Patriots traded Randy Moss away from their roster, head coach Bill Belichick is thinking of unloaded another New England veteran... Tom Brady.

Ex-Patriot QB Tom Brady?  NFL leader in long passes, shuttle passes and passes at supermodels.
After just four games into the 2010 NFL season, the New England Patriots have come to realize that this will not be their year. So instead of going through the motions with their aging line-up, it looks as though head coach Bill Belichick is unloading a few of the old farts on the team to make room for some new blood next season.

First to go was Moss, who Belichcik sent packing to the NFL’s current retirement home, the Minnesota Vikings.  Then news was leaked that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be traded out of the NFL to the Philadelphia Passion of the start-up Lingerie Football League.

"While I will keep private the details of intimate conversations with players and staff, suffice it to say that many things were taken into consideration before making the trade," Belichick said. “Basically, Brady has a nice tooshie... one of the best in the league. We decided that he might just be a better fit in Philly and the LFL.”

Tom Brady said he has always admired the Philadelphia Passion whenever they ran their famous naked booty-leg waggle and said he would someday like to get in on some of that play-action.
Although it has been clear that Moss was traded to Minnesota for a third-round 2011 draft pick and 500 pounds of lutefisk, Brady’s possble trade to the Passion is still surrounded in a bit of mystery.

But sources close to the PackerPage say the decision was mutual. Brady wanted to take snaps from underneath future LFL Hall-of-Dame center Tyrah Lusby, and Belichick needed the money from the trade to pay for better surveillance technology.

It’s no wonder why the Passion want Brady. So far this season he has thrown an average of two-TD’s per game, has one of the top quarterback rankings in the NFL and by far gets more slaps-on-the-ass from teammates than anywhere else in the league. According to Patriots’ running back Danny Woodhead, “I gotta admit that Tommy sure looked good in those tiger-print thong bikini underwears. We’re gonna miss that little man-whore.”

In related news, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre also expressed interest in playing with athletes in the Lingerie Football League next season and apparently has already texted some of the ladies a few resume photos of his “physique.”

"So this one time... at Jets camp..."
"Say 'Hello' to my little Lorenzo!"