Saturday, July 24, 2010


(July 22, 2010) --- Searching for the perfect book to buy for that finicky Green Bay fan you know? Want to learn more about your favorite and/or least favorite football franchise in the "Black & Blue Division?" Need new pictures of Brett Favre to deface? Well, we’re here to help.

The PackerPage is pleased to release its annual list of the best books for each of the teams in the NFC North. As in the past, the PackerPage editorial staff considered a number of criteria; including editorial reviews, popularity, reader nominations, number of references, sales figures and recommendations from experts. But since all that sounded like it would take a lot of time and actual work, we instead just spent five-minutes on Google. Here’s what we came up with:

Here’s a nice picture of the PackerPage editorial staff who came up with this extensive list. They give new meaning to the term “bookworms.”

"The Glory of Titletown: The Classic Green Bay Packers Photography of Vernon Biever"
Professional photographer Vernon Beiver and his camera have covered the Green Bay Packers from the early days of Lambeau to the Lombardi era through Super Bowl XXXI and beyond. So, if you're a die-hard Green Bay fan who gets turned-on by close-up and personal photos of the Packers in all their glory, then this coffee-table book -- featuring 150 of the best Biever shots you'll lay your eyes upon -- is just for you.

"Chicago Bears: After Further Revue..."
Perfect sports book for those illiterate Bears fans who like to look at lots of bright colorful pictures. Also, the publishers were clever enough to leave small blank spaces in the text after every mention of the name "Bears" so the reader can easily write-in the word "suck" immediately after it. Warning: There are several photos of Mike Ditka’s face that might be frightening to small children and some farm animals.

"Minnesota Vikings: Always A Bridesmaid"
Everything you didn’t want to know about the Queens and more, including pictures of quarterback Fran Tarkenton’s ringless fingers, time-lapse photos of the HHH MetroDome collapsing and a complete list of all of the arrogant antics of Randy Moss. This book also includes a detailed map of all the team-approved strip-clubs in the Twin Cities area, plenty of pictures of the Vikings infamous 2005 "Lake Minnetonka Sex Boat Party" and an elaborate fold-out artist’s fantasy sketch of what a Vikings trophy case would look like if the team actually won a Super Bowl.

"Detroit Lions: 2010 Media Guide"
Not exactly what we call recommended reading. It's just proof for the unbelievers that an NFL team actually still does exist in Detroit.