Tuesday, June 29, 2010


(June 30, 2010) --- July 2nd is once again MediaHog Day in the NFL. It’s that time of year when football fans across the country discover if and when veteran waffler Brett Favre will decide to make a career decision or not.

Here’s a nice photo from last year’s festive MediaHog Day celebrations outside Favre’s home in Mississippi... a family event featuring colorful costumes, tasty homemade waffles and where parents pass on to their children fond stories of Brett’s retirements of seasons gone by.

All eyes are on Favre’s home in Sumrall, Mississippi. Legend has it that if Brett emerges from his multi-million dollar burrow Friday morning and sees a large cackle of reporters surrounding his estate, the aging quarterback will at last speak and make a decision on whether he will return to throw interceptions for the Minnesota Vikings or finally announce that he’ll retire from the game and gracefully ride his John Deere into the Mississippi sunset.

Then again, if Brett pokes his head out of his hole and doesn’t see ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Chris Mortenson sticking microphones in his face he’ll retreat back into his habitat which means six more weeks of wonder.

In related news, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz looked at Detroit’s 2010 regular season schedule yesterday and saw four long months of frustration.

The Detroit Lions will be celebrating their 80th year in the league with a new logo they say will go well with their new on-the-field playing strategy of finding fresh and innovating ways of sucking.