Saturday, June 19, 2010


(June 19, 2010) --- Packer Backers... we need your help!

Dave Mitchell is a dedicated Packer fan who lives in Orlando, Florida and a long time member of the Central Florida Packer Backer club. He’s also a very talented cartoonist! In fact, he has drawn dozens and dozens of entertaining cartoons for the PackerPage over the years.

Dave has Homer's vote!

We’re proud to say Dave is a Top-10 finalist in the “Great American Cartoonist” contest which is sponsored by the Washington Post and it would be so awesome to see him get a nationally run cartoon strip! And you can help make that happen!

Please take a couple of minutes to show your Packer Backer support and vote for Dave Mitchell on the Post’s website. We’ll even make it easy for you! Let us take you there... simply click here!

Remember, a vote for Dave is like a vote for the Green Bay Packers! Vote early and vote often!

Here are a couple of the many strips Packer Dave has created for the PackerPage over the years. Now if you don’t vote for Dave he may be forced to take that job offer at that FIB rag, the Chicago Tribune. You wouldn’t want that on you conscience... now would you?