Wednesday, April 7, 2010


(April 7, 2010) --- With the NFL Draft just days away, coaches have recently become excited about the possibility of new blood in the draft pool.

It was recently revealed that Brett Favre’s daughter Brittany gave birth to a son she named Packer Brett. Although Packer Brett is only days old, NFL owners quickly petitioned the league to remove all age restrictions from draft regulations, and if the rules are amended, it could make Brett Jr. available for selection this April 22nd.

Here’s an exclusive PackerPage photo of baby Packer Brett. According to Brett’s daughter Brittany, her newborn son will not make a decision on whether or not to return to the womb at least until this August.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell assured the press that, “The league will not allow an infant on the field of play.” He explained, “If Brett Jr. is selected, his team simply holds the contractual rights to him. They can trade him, they must pay him, he can sit on the bench, but he can not play football until he officially becomes an adult.”

Because Brett Lorenzo Favre has proven himself over the last two-decades as the “Iron Man” of the NFL, league recruiters have since been desperate to find football’s next 3-time MVP. In fact, the old man’s kids have even been considered.

Although Brett and Deanna had only two daughters and no sons, that didn’t stop several recruiters in the past from offering the girls long-term deals to play for their squads in the future with the hope they may have some of dear-old-dad’s passing and scrambling DNA. Brittany and younger sister Breleigh have so far declined all offers.

If Brett Jr. (5-days) is picked this month and Brett Sr. (40-years) plays this year, they would be the youngest and the oldest players in the NFL. But will he be a chip off the old block? Well, according to proud Grandpa Brett, he certainly is!  Favre joked, “He sure can dribble... but the only thing he can pass right now is gas.”

Incidentally, when Deanna heard that some of her husband’s teammates were on their way over to see the kid, she made it very clear to Brett that under no circumstance should he hand the child over to Adrian Peterson.