Tuesday, November 17, 2009


(November 14, 2009) --- "The kickback is corrupt..."

Last week Cincinnati Bengals receiver Loco Ocho Cinco tried bribing an NFL referee during his team’s game against the Baltimore Ravens.

With the Bengals up 14-3 in the third quarter, Ocho caught a 15-yard Carson Palmer pass near the sideline. The side judge ruled it a catch, but the Ravens argued that Ocho’s zapato was out of bounds. While the ref was reviewing the play on the sideline, Ocho borrowed a dollar bill from an assistant coach and playfully tried to slip the George Washington into the hands of another official with the hopes their review of the play would go Cincy’s way.

Here's a nice picture of Ocho Cinco trying to grease the palm of one of the zebras. By-the-way, ain't the Bengals team colors Orange and Blackmail?

Well, the ref was clearly appalled. A dollar? Come on!

Apparently the going rate for having an NFL official alter a call is $20,000… at least according to the latest Dallas Cowboys bribing rate card. And the last time a player bought-off a referee for less than a five-spot was almost 90-years ago when the Staleys were miraculously winning games in Chicago.

Minus the one-dollar already in the hands of the refs, the officials have amended their demands on Mr. Cinco and are now only extorting $19,999.

Talk about refereemuneration.

We’ll be back right grafter this…