Sunday, September 27, 2009


(September 27, 2009) --- With both teams coming off big wins today, the Green Bay-Minnesota game scheduled for next week Monday night (October 5th) at the HHH Humpty-Dome promises to be great television. Can Aaron out-throw Brent... will Favre try and stick it to Thompson... how many picks will #4 toss? And the question that’s on everyone’s minds... Just what kind of anti-Favre shirts will we see at the game?

To give you an idea of just how creative some jaded Favre-fans have been, check out a few of the pictures on our Facebook “Favre Foto Funnies” Page.

"Judas and Cheeses"

Oh yeah... one more thing! We hope you’ll join us for the MNF Packer Party at CFPB headquarters at One Eyed Jack’s in downtown Orlando. Along with all the great Packer prizes we’ll be giving away, keep in mind it’ll also be “Leinenkugel Beer Pong Night!” Be there or be Bear!