Thursday, September 24, 2009


True definition of a "Hanging Chad."

(September 23, 2009) --- The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel recently reported that the three Cincinnati fans which Bengals receiver Ocho Cinco jumped into last Sunday at Lambeau Field were plants! (Well, ficus!)

Yep! When Ocho announced (Tweeted) last week that he wanted to do the “Lambeau Leap” during their game against the Packers in Green Bay on September 20th, three Cincinnati fans volunteered to help him out if Ocho bought them front row, end zone tickets... which he did. All three dressed in Bengal orange... and since it wasn’t hunting season quite yet, the trio of Cincy fans stood out pretty darn good. So when Ocho Stinko scored on a 13-yard touchdown pass in the 3rd quarter he searched for his brightly colored cronies in section 107 and then he went and did it... a “Lambeau (BLEEP).” Most Packers fans considered the post-TD celebration pacrilegious and booed the receiver while some of the more immediate Packer Backers tried to push him away. One flipped-off a Cincinnati journalist.

"We're #1"

But overall, Green Bay fans just couldn’t believe someone could be so rude. What's next... you gonna try and tell us that Ocho Cinco isn't his real name?