Sunday, September 27, 2009


(September 27, 2009) --- With both teams coming off big wins today, the Green Bay-Minnesota game scheduled for next week Monday night (October 5th) at the HHH Humpty-Dome promises to be great television. Can Aaron out-throw Brent... will Favre try and stick it to Thompson... how many picks will #4 toss? And the question that’s on everyone’s minds... Just what kind of anti-Favre shirts will we see at the game?

To give you an idea of just how creative some jaded Favre-fans have been, check out a few of the pictures on our Facebook “Favre Foto Funnies” Page.

"Judas and Cheeses"

Oh yeah... one more thing! We hope you’ll join us for the MNF Packer Party at CFPB headquarters at One Eyed Jack’s in downtown Orlando. Along with all the great Packer prizes we’ll be giving away, keep in mind it’ll also be “Leinenkugel Beer Pong Night!” Be there or be Bear!

Friday, September 25, 2009


(September 24, 2009) --- If you’re unlucky enough to reside in Detroit, we have some really good news for you!

While you’re sitting on your ottoman this Sunday afternoon flicking through the channels looking for something to watch on the boob-tube, you won’t have to worry about getting that deep pain in your stomach by accidentally stumbling upon another Detroit Lions football debacle.

Who knew the Unknown Comic was a Lions fan?
You see, as a public service to a big chunk of Michiganiganites, the NFL blacked-out the sports broadcast. The last few remaining Lions fans in and around Detroit will not be able to see their team play the Washington Redskins this Sunday afternoon... that is unless they are actually delusional and stupid enough to go to Ford Field.

As of yesterday, 10,000 tickets were left unsold which will make this the sixth blackout in the last eight home games for Detroit... all part of the owner's dastardly plan to move the team to Los Angeles.

But no worries! The whole blackout thing wouldn’t have mattered anyway as most Lions football fans have already made big plans to gather together in front of the WE channel for this Sunday’s “Bridezillas” marathon.

In other news, there seems to be another paper-bag shortage at supermarkets in and around Ford Field.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


True definition of a "Hanging Chad."

(September 23, 2009) --- The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel recently reported that the three Cincinnati fans which Bengals receiver Ocho Cinco jumped into last Sunday at Lambeau Field were plants! (Well, ficus!)

Yep! When Ocho announced (Tweeted) last week that he wanted to do the “Lambeau Leap” during their game against the Packers in Green Bay on September 20th, three Cincinnati fans volunteered to help him out if Ocho bought them front row, end zone tickets... which he did. All three dressed in Bengal orange... and since it wasn’t hunting season quite yet, the trio of Cincy fans stood out pretty darn good. So when Ocho Stinko scored on a 13-yard touchdown pass in the 3rd quarter he searched for his brightly colored cronies in section 107 and then he went and did it... a “Lambeau (BLEEP).” Most Packers fans considered the post-TD celebration pacrilegious and booed the receiver while some of the more immediate Packer Backers tried to push him away. One flipped-off a Cincinnati journalist.

"We're #1"

But overall, Green Bay fans just couldn’t believe someone could be so rude. What's next... you gonna try and tell us that Ocho Cinco isn't his real name?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


(September 20, 2009) --- Just after Tony Romo got picked off for a touchdown, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones got caught on camera doing some picking of his own. Picking your nose is so much more satisfying when you’re doing it in your brand new $1.1 billion stadium. The camera cut away after the lengthy clip of Jerry digging for gold, but presumably the result was then either flicked on a Texas taxpayer down below or put in his pocket for use in his next plastic surgery.

Because a picture is worth a thousand absurds, we couldn't just pick one great caption. So we're giving you a choice. Go ahead! Choose your caption! If you have a better one, e-mail it to us (through the link at the bottom of this page).

A... Hey, you never know where you might find oil in Texas.
B... Looks like it turned out this was the only winner Jerry picked this week.
C... Five bucks says he eats it.
D... I guess the Cowboys owner didn't want to blow it.
E... Despite building a beautiful brand new one-billion dollar stadium, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones still nose how to put the “ass” in “classy."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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Thursday, September 10, 2009


(September 10, 2009) --- Did you hear the news? Jerry Greene picked the Pack to win the Super Bowl this season.

Jerry Greene smuggling brats out of Lambeau Field, circa 1977.

Okay, someone call a doctor... or maybe buy the big-guy a drink. Did the veteran Orlando Sentinel sports writer consume one too many Johnsonvilles? Did he accidentally bump his head while trying to retrieve a fallen nacho-cheese chip from under his kitchen table? Has Nostradumbass finally come to his senses... or is he just messing with us again?

As many Packer Backers know, Jerry Greene has made a living dissing the Pack since the days when head coach Bart Starr banished the journalist from Lambeau (ah... long involved story supposedly involving Bart, bras and a brat). So when Greene recently predicted the 2009 Packers would finish on top of their division, end the season with the best record in the NFC and win Super Bowl XLIV... hundreds of Central Florida Packer Backers suddenly became very worried.

Greene's 2009 NFL predictions. Graphic stolen... ah, borrowed from

That’s because over the past dozen or so years, whenever Jerry would pick the Pack to lose, they would often win... and those days when he predicted Green Bay would pick up a “W,” they would somehow find a way to drop the game. That’s why CFPB members now consider a Jerry Greene endorsement “bad luck” to the point most superstitious Packer Backers would pray he would go against Green Bay each and every week.

U.S. congressman Joe Wilson shocked many across the country Wednesday night when he shouted, “You lie!” after reading Jerry Greene’s Carolina Panthers prognostications for the upcoming NFL season.

After Greene’s predictions were first broadcast earlier this week (on ESPN Radio 1080 'The Team' with Marc Daniels) foretelling that Green Bay would win Super Bowl XLIV, the Central Florida Packer Backer club in Orlando wasted little time publishing their own press release regarding the matter:

“We the people of the Central Florida Packer Backers do not endorse any opinions, comments and/or predictions that Mr. Jerry Greene has made related to our beloved team, the Green Bay Packers. With the release of Jerry Greene’s comments, we feel that it is prudent to rebuke his predictions in order to insure the success of the Packers 2009 season. Mr. Greene’s predictions will not assure him re-entry into Lambeau Field. We implore Mr. Greene to reconsider his predictions. GO PACK! (…and the Bears Still Suck!)”
---Central Florida Packer Backers
In related news, to separate themselves from being anyway associated with Sentinel sportsdude Jerry Greene and his recent pigskin picks, the New York Jets changed their team’s jersey colors to Periwinkle and White while the owner of the Dallas Cowboys now answers to the name “Fred.”

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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