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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


(August 18, 2009) --- Football fans know Brent Favre has set many records as a quarterback in the NFL. Well, the 2009 regular season hasn’t even begun and Brent just did it again today when he officially un-retired from the National Football League a record 7-times. That breaks a longstanding record of 6 NFL un-retirements set by Chicago Bears tackle Wes “Wishy-Washy” Wischmeyer in 1942.

Favre’s longtime babysitter Bus Cook announced to the press today that a deal was being worked on with the Minnesota Vikings and the news was confirmed when sources reportedly spotted head coach Brad Childress at the Sports Authority purchasing a brand new pair of purple knee-pads.

Here's a nice picture of Goofy... lounging around with some Disney character.

After retiring from football after the 2008 season with the New York Jets and then committing to the Minnesota Viking for the 2009 season, Brent then told the press and the Vikes just weeks ago that he was definitely hanging up his cleats. At this point, a few Packers fans were willing to forgive and forget... but then he went and did it again.

“I’ve finally had it with that guy,” said longtime Packer Backer Jake Hanke. “I stood by him and defended him even when he was a freakin’ Jet... but this whole Viking thing is unforgivable.”

Although he claims to be extremely pissed at Brent for jerking him around, Hanke said there is some good that’ll come out of all of this bad drama as he plans on donating all of his old #4 Packer jerseys to homeless Bears fans.

Apparently, Favre was scheduled to fly from his home in Mississippi to the Twin Cities earlier today but the flight had to be delayed as airline crew-members had problems fitting Brent’s head through the airplane door.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


(August 11, 2009) --- Happy anniversary you Green Bay Packers! And can you believe it?... the senior franchise in the NFL turns an amazing 90 years young today.

To mark the special day, lots of activities were planned at legendary Lambeau Field and fans all over the state made the trip to celebrate the leagues oldest team in the National Football League with plenty of “family friendly” events. For instance, parents who wanted to take part in an all-you-can-drink beer sampling event at Curly’s Pub called the “Blatz Blitz” had the option of dumping their kids off at the “Brats for Brats” booth at Clarke Hinkle Field which featured lots of yummy Johnsonville pacifiers to help silence the sobbing.

There were the usual historical presentations such as classic photographs, team memorabilia and George Halas’s vintage negligee collection... but most Packer fans were lining up to for several interactive displays honoring a few Green Bay greats. The longest line was just outside the Packers Hall-of-Fame to take part in the “Ray Nitschke Experience” where unsuspecting fans were handed a football only to get a spring-loaded forearm to the head. Another popular exhibit was the “Paul Hornung Challenge” where Packer Backers could wager how many shots of whiskey they could down and still put a football through the uprights.

To help celebrate the date, team founder Earl “Curly” Lambeau and a few other surviving members of the Green Bay Packers’ 1919 squad (10-1) met at the field that bears his name for photos, autographs and carbon-dating. Fans were delighted to watch 111-year old Lambeau and 112-year old teammate Nate Abrams reenact one of the plays from the Packers' inaugral season when... while on their way to clobbering Sheboygan 87-0... Abrams ran 96-yards for a touchdown. You still have a chance to catch this historical moment as Abrams isn’t estimated to reach the end-zone until sometime in early September.

Monday, August 10, 2009


(August 10, 2009) --- The PackerPage is reporting that two homeless men have been spotted near the Minnesota Vikings' training camp.

"Which way to the soup kitchen?"

Film at 11.